Strategic planning

Most of your company strategies have been destroyed by the financial crisis in 2008 and 2009. If things don't change, you won't achieve your business targets, therefore you...
...are not sure that everything is in the best order in the field of strategies.

... recognised that the crisis changes customer needs and that requires repositioning your products and services.

...decided that time has come to act fast.

I know this feeling!
Therefore you decided... get your company checked by an external consultant -to set up a strategy answering the new challenges.
  1. On the first meeting we will discuss the function of the finance and the logistics system and will discuss the task.
  2. We will set the detailed programme and put it into an agreement.
  3. An audit will be prepared, to review the finances of the company.
  4. We will meet to evaluate the results of the audit; we will discuss the findings and the responses.
  5. The first corrective actions will be taken.
  6. The continued performance and planned improvements will be evaluated at agreed intervals.